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Do you want a job with the Sindh Testing Service? STS makes the big tests that students across Sindh take. They need lots of people to help make these important tests.

You could be a test writer and write questions and answers for different subjects. Or work as an office helper doing things like filing papers in their offices. Other jobs are supervisor, where you go to schools and watch kids take the tests. Or you could be a scorer and grade the tests after the students take them.

To work at STS, you must be good at reading, writing, math, and computers. You also must follow their rules and dress nicely. You get training, too. The jobs come with money and other good things like healthcare. STS wants hard workers who want to help students and teachers. You must complete the STS application online if you want one of these jobs. Then, they decide who to hire.

OrganizationSindh Testing Service
Job TypeFull Time
Salary PackagePKR, 30000 – 50000.est

About Sindh Testing Service

Sindh Testing Service (STS) was started in June 2010. We make tests for schools in Sindh province. We aim to give fair tests so students and teachers can do their best.

We create different kinds of tests. Some help students get into schools. Some help schools choose teachers. We also make tests to help government jobs pick good workers.

Our organization tries to give everyone a fair chance regardless of gender or background. We have rules to stop cheating and bias in our test centers.

Our team writes high-quality test questions that match national and international standards. We want our tests to help improve education. That’s why we only want the best people working here.

STS is located in Islamabad, but we travel all over Sindh. We are growing fast as more schools use our tests. Our staff get good benefits and chances to move up.

We welcome applications from those who care about students passing exams that are fair for everyone. Contact STS online to learn more and see if you qualify.

Current Job Openings

  1. Account Officer
  2. Accounts Officer
  3. Clerk
  4. Head of Operations
  5. Senior Software Engineer
  6. Steno Typist
  7. Front End Engineer
  8. Consultant HR
  9. Associate IT Manager

Salary And Benefits

Salary Package

  • Minimum: 30,000 PKR (EST.) Per Month
  • Maximum: 50,000 PKR (EST.) Per Month


  • Healthcare
  • Retirement fund
  • Paid time off
  • Transportation help
  • Promotion chances
  • Training

Eligibility Criteria

Gender Required:Females & Males are eligible.
Age limit:22 Years – 30 Years. (EST)
Education Required:Intermediate, Graduation
Experience Required:01 Year – 02 Years (EST)
Fresher can also apply

How To Apply Online for a Job STS

You need to go to our website to ask for a job at Sindh Testing Service. The address is Click the “Apply Now” button.

First, you make an account with your name, email, and password. Then, fill out all parts of the form. It will ask you things like:

  • Your education and skills
  • Jobs you held before
  • Why you want to work at STS
  • Questions about how you would handle situations on the job.

Take your time when you fill out the application. It is important to be honest so STS picks those best for the open role. Your answers help choose the right people to make fair tests for schools.

Once you submit your form online, STS will decide who moves forward.


We hope you learned more about the important jobs at STS. Our staff works very hard to help schools in Sindh. They ensure big exams are fair for every student by having rules and standards.

The jobs come with good benefits but also big responsibilities. Not everyone meets STS’s high expectations. Determine if you have the skills and commitment we demand before applying online.

STS may be the perfect workplace if you care about education and doing what’s right. Together, our team can shape many futures across Sindh province. We make tests that give every child a fair chance to succeed.

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