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Do you want an important job at the State Bank of Pakistan? The SBP has new openings in 2023. These jobs let you work at Pakistan’s big bank in the capital.

You can work in banking, economics, computers, and office help. To get a job, you need the right schooling and experience. If picked, you get good pay and training from SBP. Their jobs are secure and let you move up. It’s worth looking into these jobs if you’re interested.

Go to the SBP website to apply and see deadlines. The application is easy to fill out. With some effort, you could land a great SBP job next year. This post tells you more about these job chances.

OrganizationState Bank of Pakistan
Job LocationPakistan
Position TypeFull-time
Official Website

About State Bank of Pakistan

The State Bank of Pakistan has a long history. It started in 1948 after Pakistan became independent. This was a big deal! Before this, Pakistan used bank notes from British India. SBP opened that same year in the capital city, Karachi. It had to work fast to handle the new country’s money. This included things like making currency and bank policies.

Over the years, the bank moved to other cities before settling in Islamabad. It helped Pakistan’s economy grow for over 70 years! Even as the country changed, SBP kept doing its important job. Today, it makes sure Pakistan’s money system works properly. Learning about SBP’s history helps us understand this vital bank.

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Current Openings

  • Statistical Officers and Economic Analysts Training Scheme 
  • IT Officers Training Scheme 
  • Senior Joint Director – Cyber Security Department 
  • Contractual position of SOC Analyst in the Cyber Security Department 
  • Legal Services Department
  • Payment Systems Policy & Oversight Department
  • Information Technology & Operations Department 
  • IT Programs & Project Management Department 
  • Museum, Art Gallery, and Archives Department
  • Contractual positions in the Digital Innovations & Settlements Department 
  • Contractual position in the Research Department
  • Director – Digital Innovations & Settlements Department

State Bank of Pakistan Job Eligibility Criteria

To get a job at SBP, you need to meet certain rules. What are they? First, you must have the education needed for the job. Some positions require a college degree. Others may want experience working in a certain field. You also need to pass any tests or interviews for the job. Good communication and computer skills are a plus. Some jobs have age limits, so you must be at the right age. Citizens living in Pakistan will be preferred. Meeting eligibility criteria shows you can do the SBP job well. Check the ad for each position to see what you need. Having the right background will help your application.

How to Apply for State Bank of Pakistan Jobs 2023?

Applying for SBP jobs is straightforward. First, go to their website at Look for job ads and click on the ones you’re interested in. Carefully read the details like position duties, requirements, and eligibility. Once decided, download the application form. Fill it out completely and attach the needed documents. This may include your CV, diplomas, and ID card. Double check that everything is accurate before submitting. Follow all instructions to send in your application on time. The earlier you apply, the better! Shortlisted applicants will be contacted for interviews and exams. With focus and preparation, you can submit a strong SBP job application.


The State Bank of Pakistan has great job opportunities in 2023. The openings let you build a career in banking, economics, IT, and other important fields. SBP jobs offer stability, good salaries, and room to advance. To apply, find an open position that matches your skills. Carefully check the eligibility criteria and make sure you qualify. Then, submit a strong application on the SBP website before the deadline. With focus and effort, you can land a coveted SBP job. Their work impacts Pakistan’s economic health. To make a difference at the nation’s central bank, look into SBP career options today. The future starts with an excellent job opportunity.


What types of positions are available at SBP?
Some open positions include banking, economics, IT, cyber security, administration, and more. There are opportunities for various education levels.

What are the eligibility requirements for SBP jobs?
Eligibility varies by role but generally includes meeting education, experience, and age criteria. Good communication and computer skills are desired.

How can I apply for an SBP job opening?
Go to the SBP website careers page, find the ad for the position you want, download the application form, complete it, attach the required documents, and submit it online before the deadline.

When is the application deadline for current SBP openings?
Deadlines vary by position, so check each job ad for the specific closing date to apply on time.

Where are SBP jobs located?
Most SBP job postings are based in Karachi and Islamabad. A few positions involve travel to other cities where SBP has branches.

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