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Are you looking for a stable job in Peshawar? PESCO could be the answer. The Peshawar Electric Power Company has openings available. Many new PESCO jobs are expected to open this year alone. Whether you live nearby or want to relocate, positions with competitive pay at this key utility provider are worth exploring.

In this article, we will discuss the various types of PESCO jobs available in 2024, along with key details like responsibilities required, salaries on offer, qualifications needed, and how you can apply.

Job LocationPeshawar
Position TypeFull-time
Official Website
Last Updated30 Oct 2023


The Peshawar Electric Power Company, known as PESCO, is an electric power distribution company in Peshawar, Pakistan. PESCO is responsible for power distribution and facilitation within Peshawar and surrounding districts. As a public company, they provide an essential electrical service to homes, businesses, and facilities in their designated region.

PESCO serves over 2.5 million registered customers across over 50,000 square kilometers. They maintain an extensive power infrastructure to deliver electricity, including substations, transformers, hydroelectric generating stations, transmission lines, and support facilities. The organization enables access to the northwest national grid for their service zones.

With a vital role in the regional infrastructure, PESCO requires qualified engineers, technicians, accountants, and other support staff to operate facilities and run services smoothly. Multiple tiers of professional positions need to be filled regularly, creating opportunities for local employment. Open jobs are competitively applied for each year.

Current Job Opening

Job openings at PESCO are announced periodically throughout the year. As a major electricity provider and public infrastructure company, PESCO sees significant turnover and retains an ongoing need for qualified employees. For those seeking a position in early 2023, there are a few key PESCO jobs currently posted:

  • Assistant Manager Finance
  • Junior Engineer – Civil
  • Staff Nurse
  • Security Supervisor
  • Driver
  • Bill Distributor

These open positions represent opportunities across various fields and seniority levels. Assistant managerial roles, skilled engineering jobs, and more basic operational occupations will be available in early 2023.

This list highlights the most recent openings advertised on the PESCO career site and local job boards. Please refer to the official PESCO website and listings for full details and regular updates on new vacancies. Apply early before application deadlines for the best prospects.

Salary And Benefits

PESCO provides competitive employee compensation packages to attract qualified candidates. Salaries and benefits make these electric company jobs worthwhile long-term career options.

PESCO Estimated salaries:

  • Assistant Managers: Rs 80,000 – Rs 150,000 per month
  • Engineers: Rs 50,000 – Rs 80,000 per month
  • Technicians: Rs 30,000 – Rs 50,000 per month
  • Support Staff: Rs 20,000 – Rs 35,000 per month

Salaries scale higher with greater credentials and experience. Besides wages, PESCO employees enjoy other noteworthy benefits, including:

  • Health insurance is provided for employees and dependents
  • Generous paid vacation and sick leaves
  • Retirement pensions and savings plans
  • Vehicle allowance for some roles
  • Training programs and seminars
  • Opportunity to gain technical expertise

Combining solid earning potential and advantages such as healthcare and paid time off makes PESCO employment enticing. Competitive public sector benefits encourage job tenure and performance.

Eligibility Criteria

PESCO carefully vets all applicants to ensure they meet minimum eligibility standards for open positions. While criteria can vary by job type, most PESCO openings have these general requirements:

Citizenship and Age Requirements:

  • Must be a citizen of Pakistan
  • Age is required to be between 20-35 years, depending on the role.

Education and Experience:

  • A post-secondary diploma or degree related to the position field
  • Some professional experience in a similar role is preferred

Position-Specific Criteria:

  • Engineers – Valid Pakistan Engineering Council certificate required
  • Drivers – Must have valid driver’s license for required vehicle class
  • Technicians – Relevant technical certificates and training required

Additional Eligibility Factors:

  • Physically fit with no disabilities hindering operations
  • Clean background check and solid references

Meeting minimum PESCO eligibility criteria is mandatory. However, going beyond with stellar credentials and expertise can improve competitiveness for open vacancies. Those with prior experience in power utilities may have the best prospects.

How To Apply For Job

Interested job seekers can find PESCO vacancies and application details on the company’s careers page at All applications must be submitted online.

To apply for open PESCO positions, follow these steps:

  1. Click “View Jobs” to see current openings in the careers portal.
  2. Select the position you are interested in and click “Apply” to begin the application process.
  3. Create an account or log in to your existing applicant profile.
  4. Complete the online job application form fully and accurately.
  5. Attach all required documents, including identification, education/experience credentials, and any certificates required for the role.
  6. Please review the application carefully before submitting it. Only complete applications may be considered.
  7. Apply before the listed closing date for the position. Early applications prioritized.
  8. Wait for application status updates and check for new openings matching your qualifications.

With an easy, personalized user portal, PESCO makes submitting job applications direct and efficient. Be thorough and timely for optimal prospects.


PESCO provides essential electricity services in Peshawar and the northwest region of Pakistan. With the infrastructure to maintain and customers to serve, the company routinely hires qualified personnel across positions.

Openings in 2023 provide opportunities spanning engineering, operations, finance, and more. By understanding key details like job types available, compensation ranges, eligibility criteria, and the application process, interested locals can pursue reliable PESCO careers that power their communities.


What types of jobs are available at PESCO?
PESCO regularly recruits for positions like engineers, technicians, finance professionals, administrators, drivers, and customer support representatives.

What are the education requirements for PESCO jobs?
Most PESCO jobs require a minimum of a diploma or post-secondary degree related to the field. Some specialized roles require additional certifications.

How can I apply for job openings at PESCO?
All applications must be submitted online through the careers portal on the PESCO website. Please create a profile and submit it before the listed deadlines.

What is the salary range for PESCO job positions?
Salaries can vary significantly based on job type and experience levels. But typical monthly income ranges from Rs 20,000 for support roles to over Rs 150,000 for senior engineering/management staff.

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