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The Lahore High Court in Pakistan announces jobs every year. In 2024, they will likely post openings for many positions. These are good jobs for people interested in the law and courts.

Some jobs that may be available include Additional Registrar, Research Associate, Reader/Research Officer, Private Secretary, Assistant Private Secretary, Reader, Research Associate, Data Entry Operator, Junior Clerk, Naib Qasid, and Chauffeur.

To qualify for most jobs, you need a degree, experience working in law, and fluency in English and Urdu. You can get benefits like good pay, medical allowance, pension, and more if hired.

This article shares key details about Lahore High Court job postings in 2024. It discusses how to apply, important dates, the number of jobs available, education needed, and salaries. Check back here to stay up-to-date on new job openings.

OrganizationLahore High Court
Job LocationLahore
Position TypeFull-time
Official Website

About Lahore High Court

The Lahore High Court was started by the British in 1882. It is in Lahore, Pakistan. The Registrar runs the main Lahore court. There are also smaller courts in Rawalpindi, Bahawalpur, and Multan. The Senior Additional Registrar manages those.

The Lahore High Court has over 50 judges called justices. The top judge is the Chief Justice. They make big decisions on cases. The court building was built during British rule. It has fancy architecture. There are different courtrooms for different cases.

Lawyers bring important appeals to the Lahore High Court. The court can change or overturn rulings from lower courts. The judges follow Pakistani law to make fair decisions. They wear black robes and sit high up in the room. Famous cases get media attention.

Getting a job at the Lahore High Court benefits Punjab legal professionals. It can lead to more opportunities. The Lahore High Court works under Pakistan’s 1973 constitution. Right now, the Chief Justice is Mr. Justice Muhammad Qasim Khan. The goal is to give fair and just judgments.

Current job openings

The Lahore High Court posts new job openings regularly. Here are some positions they may hire for:

  • Stenographer – Types court records
  • Personal Assistant – Helps judges with tasks
  • Sessions Judge – Presides over court sessions
  • Watchman – Guards the property
  • District Judge – Handles cases in local districts
  • Driver – Drives officials between court and offices.
  • Librarian – Manages the law library
  • Security Guard – Provides security at the court
  • Assistant Protocol Officer – Helps with court events
  • Caretaker – Maintains the court facilities
  • Cook – Prepares meals for the cafeteria

These are good jobs at an important court. The Lahore High Court needs qualified people for all roles. Check their website for application details when new positions are posted.

Salary and Benefits

Working at the Lahore High Court has good pay and benefits. People who want a job here should know this:

The court wants people who will help fight dishonesty and unfairness. Judges work to stop corruption in society.

Employees get taken care of with the following:

  • Good salary
  • Housing allowance
  • Medical allowance
  • Travel allowance
  • Help to pay bills.
  • Job security
  • Managers who work with you
  • Professional work setting

Eligibility criteria for Lahore high court jobs?

The Lahore High Court gives important jobs. They treat employees well. The pay and benefits are better than in many places. Apply if you want to help the court system.

There are some rules to qualify for jobs at the Lahore High Court. The main eligibility criteria are:

  • Education – Must have the degree or diploma required for the job
  • Experience – Some jobs require a few years working in law or government
  • Age limits – There is usually a minimum and maximum age to apply
  • Residency – You must be a permanent resident of Punjab province
  • Language – Fluent in English and Urdu, can vary by job
  • Character – Good moral character with no major legal issues

Make sure you meet the eligibility criteria before applying. Some jobs like judge have higher requirements for education and experience. Read the advertisement carefully. Meet all the rules to have the best chance.

The Lahore High Court wants good candidates for important legal jobs. Check if you qualify before applying. Contact them if you have eligibility questions.

How to Apply for Lahore High Court Jobs?

Applying for Lahore High Court jobs is straightforward. Follow these steps:

  • Check the court’s website at Look for job ads.
  • Read the ad closely. Make sure you meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Get the application form listed on the ad. You may have to print it.
  • Fill out the form fully and accurately. Attach any required documents.
  • Submit the form by the deadline. This is usually by hand or mail.
  • Keep the receipt and tracking information. This proves you applied.
  • Wait for application processing. Check your status online.
  • If selected, you will be contacted for interviews and exams.
  • If hired, provide all documentation needed to start work.

Applying for Lahore High Court jobs takes time. Follow all instructions to succeed. Contact them if you need help applying.


The Lahore High Court announces new jobs each year. These are good opportunities in the legal and justice system. Jobs like judge, secretary, assistant, and clerk are available. Make sure you meet the eligibility criteria for any job you apply for. Follow the application steps carefully. Visit the Lahore High Court website for current job postings. Work hard to start an exciting career at this respected institution.


How often are new jobs posted?
New job advertisements are posted online throughout the year as positions become available. Check the website regularly.

What jobs require legal experience?
Jobs like judges, court officers, and legal secretaries require previous experience. Other roles like assistant and clerk may not need experience.

Can I submit a paper application?
Most applications are now online, but you can submit a paper application if allowed. Read the instructions carefully.

When will screening exams and interviews be scheduled?
If you pass the initial application screening, you will receive an update in a few months about the next steps. It varies by job.

How long does the hiring process take?
The hiring process can take several months from the start to the final offer. Have patience throughout. It is very competitive.

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