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Are you looking for a job at one of Pakistan’s top banks? Habib Metropolitan Bank is hiring across the country. With over 700 branches, Habib Metro Bank provides many career opportunities. They are one of Pakistan’s fastest-growing banks. At Habib Metro Bank, you can enjoy good benefits and pay. The work culture rewards talent and hard work.

This article discusses the latest jobs at Habib Metro Bank. We cover qualifications, salaries, applications, interviews, and more. Habib Metro Bank has openings whether you’re an experienced banker or a fresh graduate. They want qualified professionals who enjoy serving customers.

Learn about the available banking jobs. See if Habib Metro Bank is a good match for your skills. They want people who share their trust, integrity, and teamwork values. If you want a solid banking career, look at Habib Metro Bank. They are a leading Pakistani bank with branches nationwide.

OrganizationHabib Metro Bank
Job LocationGujranwala
Position TypeFull-time
Official Websitehttps://www.habibmetro.com/

About Habib Metropolitan Bank

Habib Metropolitan Bank is one of Pakistan’s major banks. It is part of the Habib Bank Limited group. The bank is known as “Habib Metro” for short.
Habib Metro Bank has over 700 branches across Pakistan. They have over 3 million customers. The bank has grown quickly in recent years.

Habib Metro Bank provides many banking services. These include deposits, loans, credit cards, home financing, insurance, etc. They offer products for individuals and businesses. The bank aims to be modern, efficient, and customer-focused. They invest in new technology and online services. Customer service is very important to them.

Habib Metro is considered a high-quality bank in Pakistan. They have won awards for their products and performance. The brand is associated with ethics and integrity. Working at Habib Metro Bank means being part of a respected organization. Employees have opportunities to advance their careers. The bank attracts top talent across the industry.

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Current Job Openings

We offer career opportunities in multiple functional areas:

  • Audit
  • Compliance & Legal
  • Corporate & Transaction Banking
  • Corporate Communication & Marketing
  • Credit
  • Finance
  • Financial Institution
  • General Services Division
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Islamic Banking
  • Operations & Remedial Asset Management
  • Retail Banking
  • Treasury

Salary and Benefits

Habib Metro Bank offers attractive pay and perks to its employees. Salaries are very competitive for the banking sector in Pakistan. Benefits include paid time off, health insurance, retirement planning, and more.

The compensation packages at Habib Metro Bank include:

  • Competitive salaries in the banking industry
  • Pay based on role and experience
  • Better compensation than many other banks
  • Regular raises and bonus opportunities
  • Benefits include paid time off, health insurance, retirement planning
  • Entry level roles Rs25,000 – Rs40,000 per month
  • Experienced roles Rs70,000 – Rs150,000 per month
  • Leadership roles over Rs200,000 per month
  • Salary rises as you prove yourself
  • Rewards for hard work and talent

Eligibility Criteria Habib Metro Bank Jobs

Habib Metro Bank has certain eligibility standards that applicants must meet to be considered for employment. Meeting the minimum criteria helps ensure candidates are qualified for available openings.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Minimum education requirements such as a bachelor’s degree
  • Relevant work experience for the position
  • Required technical skills and certifications
  • Strong communication and interpersonal abilities
  • Problem-solving and analytical thinking skills
  • Language proficiency in English and Urdu
  • Pakistani citizenship or work visa
  • Ability to meet physical and medical standards
  • Clean background check and satisfactory references
  • Alignment with Habib Metro Bank values and ethics
  • Willingness to be flexible and adaptable

Opportunities for College Students

Habib Metro Bank wants to help develop young talent. They offer internships for current students and recent graduates.

The internships let students experience a real work environment. Interns can learn about different careers and roles.

Working with professionals helps interns build skills. They get hands-on experience through tasks and projects.

There are two main types of internships:

General Internships:

  • 4 to 6 weeks duration
  • For final-year bachelor’s or master’s students
  • Need a 2.5 CGPA or 50% marks from matriculation

Project-Based Internships:

  • 6 to 8 weeks duration
  • For final-year bachelor’s or master’s students
  • Need a 3.0 CGPA

The internships help students decide if a career at Habib Metro Bank is right for them. It’s a good way to start a career in banking.

Opportunities for Fresh Graduates

Habib Metro Bank has a Management Trainee (MT) program for fresh graduates. It helps develop future leaders for the bank.

The MT program recruits graduates across Pakistan. Trainees work in general banking, trade finance, credit, and Islamic banking.

The recruitment process is rigorous to find top talent. The 1-year training program provides great learning.

Trainees get classroom and on-the-job training. They gain hands-on experience and get mentored.

MTs work on real projects and go on field trips with senior managers. This builds practical skills.

Trainee performance is evaluated through continuous feedback. This improves the learning experience.

The Management Trainee program kickstarts a successful banking career. Fresh graduates are given support to excel at Habib Metro Bank.

How to Apply for jobs at Habib Metro Bank?

Interested candidates can apply for jobs at Habib Metro Bank through their official careers portal:

On this portal, you can:

  • Search current openings
  • Create an account
  • Upload your resume
  • Fill out the online application
  • Select job preferences
  • Take screening assessments
  • Check application status

Make sure to carefully review the job requirements before applying. Only apply for positions that closely match your skills and qualifications.

The application process may take several weeks. Shortlisted applicants will be contacted for interviews and assessments.

If selected, you will receive a job offer letter with details on salary, benefits, and next steps.

Start your Habib Metro Bank career journey today by applying on their portal. With over 700 branches, it’s a great place to grow in the banking sector.


Habib Metropolitan Bank offers exciting career opportunities across Pakistan. With competitive salaries, excellent benefits, and room for advancement, Habib Metro Bank is an employer of choice in the banking industry. By applying through their online portal, you can take the first step towards launching your banking career at one of the nation’s fastest-growing financial institutions. Join Habib Metro Bank to become part of a respected brand and work culture that rewards talent, integrity, and customer service.

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