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Are you looking for a great job opportunity in Pakistan in 2024? Descon could be the perfect fit. As one of the country’s leading private engineering companies, Descon has a range of openings across diverse fields like construction, power generation, manufacturing, and more.

Whether you’re just starting your career or are an experienced engineer or business professional, Descon offers attractive career paths with competitive salaries and benefits. Their projects and operations span Pakistan, so roles are available in major cities like Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi.

As an employer, Descon is known for investing in talent development and allowing employees to take on more responsibility over time. Working at Descon can allow you to be part of important infrastructure and industrial projects while gaining valuable skills.

In this article, we’ll give you an in-depth overview of the types of jobs Descon typically recruits for and provide tips to help you stand out in your application. Read on to learn more about the exciting Descon job opportunities 2023 and how you can launch or advance your career with this leading Pakistani company. The insight will be useful whether you’re a fresh graduate or an experienced candidate looking for your next challenge.

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Position TypeFull-time
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About Descon

Descon is one of the biggest private companies in Pakistan that builds big projects like roads, dams, and power plants. It was started in 1977 and now has over 9,000 employees all over Pakistan.

Descon works on important projects in many industries, such as energy, construction, chemicals, and manufacturing. Some of the big things they have built are highways, cement factories, and gas and oil plants.

The company is known for its engineering and project management skills. Descon partners with top international companies to build quality projects. Billionaire Mian Muhammad Mansha owns it and has the money and resources to take on huge projects.

People who work at Descon get to develop their skills and work with experts from Pakistan and abroad. Descon has jobs in major cities like Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad, where its projects are located. With so many important projects, working at Descon can boost careers.

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Current job openings

Descon has many job openings across different fields and seniority levels. Here are some current openings that potential candidates should look out for.

  • Engineer Design E&I
  • Engineer PMC
  • Draftsperson (Mechanical)
  • Specialist Business Development
  • Engineer Design (Mechanical)
  • Millwright
  • Engineer QA/QC (Electrical)
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Supervisor Mechanical
  • Financial Controller
  • Manager Planning

The openings are located across different Descon offices and project sites in Pakistan, especially major hubs like Lahore. They represent diverse functions ranging from engineering design, project management, and quality control to specialized technical and supervisory roles. There are also openings in business development and planning.

These openings offer exciting opportunities to join Descon’s team and work on impactful projects nationwide. The roles cater to fresh graduates and experienced professionals looking for new challenges.

Salary and Benefits

  • Competitive market salaries based on role, qualifications, and experience
  • Annual performance bonuses
  • Allowances for transport, phone, medical, overtime, etc.
  • Annual paid leave and sick leave entitlement
  • Medical and life insurance
  • Retirement benefits like provident fund and gratuity

How to Apply for Descon Jobs?

Descon has an online career portal where all open job positions are posted. Interested candidates should visit and click the “Apply Now” button to see current openings.

To apply for a job, you must create an account on the portal. Click ” Register ” to provide your email address and other basic details.

Once registered, you can review all open positions and select the ones you are interested in. Before applying, ensure you meet the stated eligibility criteria, including education, experience, etc..

You must upload your updated CV/resume and a cover letter for each job application. The cover letter should highlight your suitability for the role and key achievements/skills.

Many Descon jobs require taking online screening tests relevant to the role. Tests are enabled once you apply, so be prepared to take them.

Customizing your resume and cover letter for each position is recommended rather than sending a generic application. This improves the chances of selection.

Applications submitted on the career portal are tracked so you can log in to check status. The recruitment team will shortlist candidates and contact them for interviews.

So visit the Descon careers page, register on the portal, review openings, and apply to roles matching your qualifications and interests. Follow the tips shared above to make your job application stand out.


Descon offers exciting career opportunities across diverse engineering and construction projects in Pakistan. Their job openings cater to fresh graduates, young professionals, and experienced candidates looking for new challenges.

The company has a reputation for undertaking landmark infrastructure and industrial projects. Working at Descon allows you to be part of meaningful work while honing your skills. The attractive compensation and benefits make it an employer of choice for the industry.

This blog post has provided a helpful overview of the types of Descon jobs available in 2023, application tips, and what you can expect during the recruitment process. Visit their career portal and apply to open positions that match your profile. With robust hiring planned, it is a great time to explore a career with Descon.


What is the hiring process like at Descon?

The hiring process involves online application, screening tests, interviews, and final selection. The number of rounds may vary by role. Recruitment is merit-based and competitive.

What are the education requirements for jobs at Descon?

Descon looks for engineering, business, and economics graduates for most roles. Some positions require a minimum bachelor’s degree, while others need a master’s.

What kind of experience is required for Descon jobs?

Experience requirements vary based on the career level and specialization needed for the role. Entry-level jobs are open for fresh graduates. Mid-senior level roles require 2-5 years of relevant work experience.

How can I prepare for Descon’s recruitment tests and interviews?

Practice your core technical skills, brush up on concepts required for the role, and prepare for aptitude tests. For interviews, review your resume, prepare questions to ask, and practice mock interviews.

How long does Descon’s hiring process take?

The process can take 2-4 weeks from application to final offer, though this timeline still needs to be fixed. It depends on role, department, and recruitment needs.

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