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Want a good job at Askari Bank in Pakistan? Askari Bank needs people for new jobs in 2023. These jobs let you work in banking, management, IT, and more. Askari Bank is big and growing.

They want qualified people to fill open jobs. This post details the jobs, how to apply, and what you need to get hired. The jobs pay well and let you move up. Askari Bank rewards good work.

Read on if you want an exciting new career at a top bank. Learn how you could have a great job at Askari Bank next year. These are cool opportunities to build skills and get ahead. Hard work at Askari Bank pays off.

OrganizationAskari Bank
Job LocationPakistan
Position TypeFull-time
Official Website

About Askari Bank

Askari Bank has a long history in Pakistan. The bank was started in 1991 by the Army Welfare Trust. The Army Welfare Trust wanted to create a bank that could provide good services to army families and people all over Pakistan.

In the beginning, Askari Bank only had a few branches. But over the years, it grew bigger and opened many more branches nationwide. Now, there are over 500 Askari Bank branches in Pakistan!

Askari Bank has become one of the biggest banks in Pakistan. It offers retail and business customers services like loans, savings accounts, credit cards, and more. The bank has won many awards for being a leading bank in Pakistan.

Millions of customers now use Askari Bank branches and online banking services. The bank keeps growing every year. Askari Bank is proud to serve the banking needs of army families and all citizens across Pakistan.

So, in summary, Askari Bank has a 30-year history in Pakistan. It started small but has grown large. The army founded it to help the Pakistani people. Today, Askari Bank is one of the most successful banks serving Pakistan.

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Current Opening

  • Branch Managers
  • Operations Officers
  • Credit Analysts
  • Business Development Officers
  • Consumer Financing Officers
  • Agricultural Financing Officers
  • SME Financing Officers
  • Remittance Officers
  • Trade Officers
  • Treasury Officers
  • Information Technology Officers
  • Human Resource Officers
  • Marketing Officers
  • Internal Audit Officers
  • Risk Management Officers
  • Legal Officers
  • Customer Service Officers
  • Contact Center Officers
  • Cash Officers
  • Financial Control Officers
  • Administration Officers
  • Security Officers

Salary And Benefits

Working at Askari Bank comes with attractive pay and benefits for employees. Here are some details on the compensation and perks offered:

Salary Packages

  • Based on qualifications, entry level salaries start from Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 50,000 per month.
  • Experienced hires can earn Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 150,000 monthly, depending on role and experience level.
  • Branch managers earn up to Rs. 200,000 per month. There are added benefits for branch banking roles.
  • Besides basic pay, performance bonuses are given twice a year.


  • All employees get medical insurance for themselves and dependents.
  • Annual paid leave of 14-21 days for new hires and up to 30 days for long-term employees.
  • Retirement benefits include gratuity, provident funds, and pension schemes.
  • Continued education, training programs, and scholarships for professional development.
  • Discounted consumer banking products like car loans and credit cards.
  • Relocation assistance is provided in case of transfers.
  • Fuel, transport, and communication assistance for eligible roles.
  • Recognition, awards, and cash prizes for best performers.

The combination of competitive salaries, performance-linked bonuses, retirement benefits, paid time off, discounted banking products, and training opportunities make Askari Bank an attractive employer. The compensation is aimed at attracting and retaining skilled talent.

Askari Bank Pakistan Job Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for jobs at Askari Bank, there are some basic criteria applicants must meet:

  • Education: A bachelor’s degree is required for most positions. Specific roles like branch managers may require a master’s degree. Relevant degrees are preferred in business, finance, accounting, economics, etc.
  • Experience: Officer and manager levels require prior experience in banking, finance, or relevant roles. Entry-level jobs may not need experience. Most jobs need 2-5 years of experience in related roles.
  • Age Limit: The maximum age limit is usually around 22-35 years for new hires and 40-45 for experienced hires, depending on the position. The bank prefers hiring younger candidates.
  • Skills: Strong analytical skills, communication skills, customer service skills, selling skills, computer literacy, and aptitude for numbers. Knowledge of banking systems and products is a plus.
  • Residency: Must be a resident of Pakistan. Local residency in the branch area may be preferred for jobs like branch managers.
  • Background Checks: Candidates will be subject to background and reference checks as part of the hiring process.

Meeting the minimum eligibility criteria is necessary for your job application to be considered at Askari Bank. The bank seeks qualified, skilled, educated professionals to join its workforce under optimal age limits. Relevant education, experience, expertise, and strong interpersonal skills are key.

How to Apply for Askari Bank Jobs?

Askari Bank welcomes online job applications through its career portal:

This is the official careers page where all current openings are posted.

To apply for jobs, you must create an account on the portal. Click “Register Yourself” and fill in the form with your details.

Once registered, you can browse all the latest vacancies at Askari Bank. Select the positions you are interested in and eligible for.

Read through the job description, requirements, and application process carefully. Then click on the “Apply Now” button to start your application.

You must fill in more details in the online job application form. This includes your personal info, education, work experience, skills, and documents.

Attach your latest CV and other documents like degrees, transcripts, ID cards,s, etc. Make sure to provide accurate info in the application.

Finally, submit the online application form, and you will receive a confirmation. The bank’s recruitment team directly processes applications submitted through the career portal.

You can track your application status by logging into the portal. The team will contact shortlisted candidates for tests and interviews.

Askari Bank’s online career portal makes applying for jobs easy. Create your account, find relevant vacancies, submit your application and documents online, and track your progress.


Askari Bank is a leading bank in Pakistan with a long history of serving the nation since 1991. The Army Welfare Trust was founded and has expanded to over 500 branches nationwide.

Askari Bank offers diverse career opportunities in branch banking, finance, IT, HR, marketing, and audit. Jobs are advertised on their online career portal along with eligibility criteria. Interested and qualified candidates can apply online by submitting their application and resume.

Working at Askari Bank provides the chance to be part of one of the largest banking networks in Pakistan. Employees can benefit from career growth, rewards, and job security. The bank values its employees and aims to create a progressive work environment.

For those seeking a rewarding career in banking, check out the latest openings at Askari Bank. The application process is clear, and you could be on your way to joining the Askari Bank workforce.


What types of jobs are available at Askari Bank?
Askari Bank hires for various departments, including branch banking, finance, risk management, IT, marketing, HR, customer service, operations, and audit.

What are the eligibility criteria for Askari Bank jobs?
A relevant bachelor’s degree, 2-5 years of experience, and strong analytical and communication skills are required. Age limits are usually 22-35 years for freshers and 40-45 for experienced candidates.

How can I apply for Askari Bank job vacancies?
You can apply online through Askari Bank’s career portal at by making an account, selecting a job, and submitting your application.

What selection process is followed at Askari Bank?
Askari Bank’s hiring process involves online tests, interviews, assessments, and background checks for shortlisted candidates. The process varies by job role.

Q: What are the career growth prospects at the bank?

A: Askari Bank focuses on talent development through training. Employees can progress from entry level to managerial roles based on performance over the years.

What employee benefits are offered at Askari Bank?
Benefits include competitive salaries, medical insurance, paid leaves, performance bonuses

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